You now have several ways in which a contribution can be made.  Please look over the information below to see if either of the donation formats fits with your desire to help our class and/or the North High students and the North side community.
We look forward to reuniting our high school friends from all over the world and remembering those who have passed.  We need your help in bringing as many people in our class together as possible.  You can also keep our website functioning and contribute towards reunion costs.   
You may either send a check directly to Phyllis S. Brown at 20 Iris Lane, Middletown, NY 10940-1207   PAYABLE TO NORTH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1961 or you can make a donation on your VISA or Master Card on this site by following the directions for payments.

"You may or may not know that North High School was about to be closed. The loss of North High would have had a devastating impact on a struggling north side.   The north side community and the North High alumni responded and a decision was made to give North High another chance.


Unlike the days of yesteryear when we were mandated to attend the public school in our district, students today can select the public school of their choice, regardless of the district. It is almost a marketing exercise to attract and retain students, and North High is challenged in this effort. They need help, and we are in a unique position, as the Class of '61, to help. Here's the deal:


Through the auspices of the North High Alumni Association, we would like to give a class gift to assist the school in opening up and stocking a school 'spirit' store. The store would be located on site and would sell merchandise and school supplies with the North High logo to students. Revenues from the sales would be used to restock the inventory. The alumni association advised us that this would be a powerful way to help build school spirit and attract and retain students - one of their greatest challenges.


Here's all you have to do: Send in your tax deductible contribution, made out to Minneapolis North High Alumni Inc., to Phyllis S. Brown at 20 Iris Lane, Middletown, NY 10940 and designate at the bottom of your check "Class of '61." You will receive a letter acknowledging your gift and providing documentation for tax filing purposes.


They really need our help, my friends, and this is our opportunity to give back a little in return for all that has been given us. We were so fortunate to have had such a unique and rewarding high school experience.  Please feel free to contact Mike Conley at 763-475-0123 or Phyllis Brown at 914-443-1741 if you have any questions or need additional information."


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