Interesting Facts About Our Classmates:

We are all truly proud of long lasting marriages, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We have traveled the world and have had amazing experiences.

Elie Alyeshmerni  I am the volunteer chair of a neighborhood revitalization program. 
Gary Anonen won 32k at the casino and has been to the far east over 100 times accumulating a million miles + with Northwest and Delta.
Kathy Arnold Bloom My husband has had Parkinson's Disease for almost 20 years.
Karen Bachman has run 10 marathons.
Richard Bellcour I spent a day with Kirby Puckett.  I love going to casinos.
Miriam Black A documentary I made got into the Seattle Film Festival.
Jerry Blackledge I was the corner man for Scott Ledoux and met Ali, Forman, Norton, Shavers and Howard Cosell.  I was in the Vietnam War in the Tet Offense in 1968.
 Mary Jo Bock Ward In the Sept 2001 issue of the Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine. Burt's Column Don't Believe it- Burt had a bad dream and actually my son-in-law and Burt concocted the whole thing.
Karon Bosak Fellner I married my high school sweetheart from Benilde.
Rolla Breitman had Garrison Keiller working for her in the kitchen of her folk dance coffeehouse during a fundraiser.  She was also a 'store trooper' for the Pioneer Press and was a travel agent for 10 years.
Rachel Brudnoy has been a soloist with the Minnesota Orchestra.
Jim Burnet I was very shy in high school but now I'm not.
Robert Campbell   I collect old cadillacs.
Nyles Charon    Being a teacher and researcher.  I still play softball.
Murray Cooper Selected for honorable mention for "All State" in football.  I am really a nice guy.
James Druk would have been a good sports coach. I coached Little League football and baseball, and won 6 championships.  I always had a winning team.
Marsh Edelstein is still  in the entertainment world.
Beverly Friedell FrankI am the first woman physician in a large mutipspeciality group and is proud of her Minnesota heritage.
Martin Fiterman I'm actually an introvert.  I like to be by myself.
Glenn Gilyard  I am part of an article in Smithsonian's "AIR & SPACE; in a clip on Walter Cronkite's "Nightly News" and I volunteer as a deckhand on the "North House Folk School's schooner "Hjordis.  I developed and flight tested unique flight control laws.
James Ginsburg - Being friends with Marsh Edelstein.  I had my right knee replaced and the left one is scheduled to be replaced after the reunion
Ruth Anne Goetz I survived 10 moves and adjusted to new locations and through all that have lived happily ever after with one man for 46 years. Doug Stay invited me to the prom but I couldn't go due to personal reasons.  I was so sad, and he never knew how sad I was!!
Alice Goodwin Goldsobel I climbed Mt. Whitney (14,600 feet) and signed the book at the top that resides in the Library of Congress.  Back in the late 70's I was very involved in California politics, and worked on several campaign committees and was a lobbyist up in Sacramento.
David Goldstein I was the President of B'nai B'rith District 6.  I am one of the founders of Homeward Bound, Inc.  We provide a home for 96 children and young adults with severe disabilities.
Liz Gordon Fischman Speaking to a group of 2500 women.
Mickey Greenberg     I served on the supreme court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.   My punishment for being arrested on the night of our senior dinner was being grounded until I learned to play the accordion.
Susan Hatch Leland I received the WCCO radio good neighbor award in the 80's.  I love Lady Gaga and her music!
George Hayes From 1986-1993 every Monday night I was on the 6 o'clock news on Channel 5 KSTP TV for the Crime Stopper program and also on WCCO
Barbara Hirt Girtz I did a commercial for my healthcare agency.  I was diagnosed with MS in 1970 and am currently disabled and wheelchair bound although healthy and doing well.
Andrea Hricko Hjelm has had meetings with Jessie Ventura Katie Couric, Gloria Vanderbilt, Al Pacino, Sophia Loren, Carol Channing, Warren Beatty, Johnny Carson, etc.  and loves gourmet chocolate at the Amsterdam airport. She was a cheerleader at the U of M and Homecoming Queen at the U of M.
Sandra Huberty Cich I was in a documentary for hosting members of "Up With People".  I have 9 pierced holes in my ears and 2 tattoos.  I have been published.  I am a cancer survivor.  I ran for Miss Brooklyn Center after graduation and lost to Andrea Hricko Hjelm.  We have moved 14 times
Sharon Hunczak Kessler  both of her parents attended North High, Dad Henry was class of 1937 and mom Maxine Auer Hunczak was class of 1940
Gloria Itman Blum On the airplane I glanced at the gentleman next to me reading a paper with an article and picture of me lecturing.  All of my dreams and hopes have come true and I have NO DOUBT that G-d and his helpers are always with me.  Also, I'm really enjoying being Jewish and singing and performing music and officiating at weddings with my husband Barry in Hawaii.  I have found my soulmate.
Mary Janson Strand When I taught a 47 year old inmate to read I thought I'd won the lottery! I am happy to have made a positive difference in the lives of my students - children and adults.
Lenore Johnson Fries In 2003 I was among ten people who make a difference in Southeast Minnesota.
Mark Johnson I had the honor of marching in JFK's funeral and was in Manhattan on 9/11.
Marth Johnson Jacobsen I won a 1987 Jeep in a bowling tournament 20 years ago.  I am a tea party person who believes in the Constitution and G-d. I acquired and improved investment properties, residential apartments and commercial office buildings.
Sharon Johnson Baker I was elected vice president of the Anoka County Board of Realtors.
Ruth Jung I am a Hillary Clinton look alike. I owned and operated a successful business for 23 years.
Dorothy (Lorry) Katz I had a private pilot's license but no longer fly. I have had a successful career on the bleeding edge of technology.
Sandra Kreamer Winer I'm still alive, breathing and playing.
Janice Kronberg Kersting   I was baptized as a Jehovah's Witness in 1981.
Mary Alyce Kronzer Ofjord I rode my horse in the breed demo at this year's Minnesota horse expo and I love escargot!
Kathleen Kuntz Steiner Singing in public is my claim to fame.  I have farmed for 24 years and had 45 Holstein dairy cows.  I am active in National Farmer's Organization
Patricia Lynch Fraction  I worked for AT & T for 37 years.  I got married before leaving North High and we just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. 
Gary Masler I was a Shrine clown.
Tom McCaffrey I started downhill skiing at age 65.  I am a partner in the Green Mill in Duluth.
Bruce Metchnek I was told by Mr. Johnson, a counselor at Lincoln that I should go to vocational because he felt that I would not be successful in college - I fooled him.  I have a Masters Degree. I completed a marathon and completed 33 of 34 "Get in Gear Races (10k/6.2 miles).  I actually had cerebral palsy as a child but did not know it until about 10 years ago.
Ronald Miranda Chauffeuring Kirby Puckett's wedding.
Karen Moe Cain
My husband and I will be STEM teachers in the Minneapolis Public Schools for this next year in an LC Program which means we will be teaching science, engineering and math.  ALL of the original Minneapolis schools that I have gone to are now demolished- Holland, Webster, Jordan and North!
Susan Nelson Murphey My cliam to fame is my children.  I am introverted, bashful but love to read.
Barb Niederloh Schachtschneider I was the substitute polar bear for Gale Kaplan
Geraldine Olson Kingsberg  I was listed as an associate professor of Occupational Therapy in NDSU based on the number of students  I trained as interns in the OTR program at NDSU. I am an active church volunteer, a 4 year Habitat for Humanity volunteer, and will volunteer on the new orthopedic unit at Douglas county hospital when I am fully healed from a left knee replacement.  I am blessed and thankful to be a seven year cancer survivor.
Lois Ozwoeld Dobrin Presented a paper to the American Society of Microbiology.
Darlene Perron More I have lived in Arizona (Apache Junction) for 5 months of each year since 2001.
Joe Pollack Being on the winning team for the college world series in 1964.  In September 2011 I will be in the U of M Hall of Fame and have been married for 50 years to my soulmate Pat Slind Pollack.
Karen Ranta Simonson I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years.  I am also a breast cancer survivor.  We adopted 2 Korean babies after our other two children had left home.
Gordon Reinking I started my own plumbing and heating contracting business.
Joan Remer Bourasa I used to be interested in martial arts.
Jerry Sadoff I was featured on 60 Minutes.  I have made vaccines. I can't speak Dutch.
Bil Schmitzer I was awarded a local Emmy.  I am cuter now than I was then.  I am also a bigger smart A**.
Kathleen Sheridan Mitchell I had a day named after me by the City of Phoenix.  I was named one of the top ten women in Maricopa County.  I was invited to the White House for the signing of the Pre-Authorization of the Human Trafficking Act.
Theodore Sherr I am a member of the U.S. Governemnt Senior Executive Service and U.S. Representative on the Advisor Group to the Director General of the IAEA on International Safeguards of nuclear material.
Jeffrey Silver  I have run my own business for 49 years. I have been written up in the National Jeweler's magazine and was invited to dance twice on stage at the Boylesque in Las Vegas.
Phyllis Smiley Brown My school and I were featured in the NY Times for our technology program.   I was on the Howdy Doody Show and won a Guinea Pig and have been featured in our local paper.     My husband and I met at a political fundraiser which happened to be both of our birthdays - he is older than I am.
Allan Soposnick I have mellowed drastically with age.
Doug Stay I played college hockey at Colgate.  I scored 5 goals against Yale at Madison Square Garden.
Joanne Sturman Schlegel I am currently the curator (volunteer) of Herbarium at Buffalo museum of science.  This is the 9th oldest herbarium in U.S.  I hosted and produced a weekly classical music concert series on local PBS radio station for 20 years. I hiked alone to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
Margaret (Peggy) Swanson Ricker  Being pinned as an RN.
David Swenson   I built an optical/environmental test facility for satellite payloads. I was honored by the president of Trek Bicycle Co. in front of 10000+ Trek dealers for my success as ab icycle store owner. I have developed a deep respect and admiration for the people of Israel.  I am active in a local church.
Romaine Swiercaek Bechir I won a rollerbalde race in my age group.
Jeanette Tollefson Hanson My husband and I were dance instructors on a 10 days cruise in April.  We loved it and plan on doing it more but in the winter.  I was a waitress on cruise ship on the great Lakes between my freshman and sophomore year in college- What a ton of fun.  I'd never been anywhere and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  The ship sailed from Duluth all the way up the St. Lawrence Seaway. I ran a successful Bernina Sewing maching business for 40 years.
Harlan Wells Serving as Mayor for Spring Lake Park, MN.  I served the city of Spring Lake Park for 5 years as councilman and 17 years as Mayor.
John Wieriman   I wrote a musical score for a 1 hour video that received agood review in Washington D.C. I would like to see one of my musicals performed.  I was a U of M gymnast.